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The Bruce Coast Lighthouse Touring Route



Capture the ancient Mariner spirit and meander along the shoreline on your motorcycle following the historical route of the shipping industry that settled Bruce County. There are 11 stops on this tour that are accessible by motorcycle, some of which are more appropriate from a tour boat once your bike is parked.  Learn more about the Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tour here.

Estimated Ride Time from Point Clark:

Allow at least two full days to give this tour justice. You will want to 'kickstand' as much as you ride to take in the sights and local fare.
Distance: Approximately 400 kilometres (250 miles)

Suggested Route:

Begin in the southern portion of the County at the Point Clark Lighthouse just off Highway 21. Here you can park your bike underneath the Imperial Tower and climb to the top. A great place to photograph your bikes.

From here, take Lake Range Dr to Concession 12 to Boiler Beach Rd north to Kincardine and tour the downtown Kincardine Lighthouse. Plan it around a summer weekend and take in the Pipe Band Parade every Saturday night. Scots can wear leather too. Can you wear a kilt and ride? Follow Bruce Road 23 north to the Bruce Power Energy Centre and snap a picture under the giant wind turbines. Coming out of the visitor center, turn right on Concession 4 and make your next right on Tie road. Make the next right onto Concession 6 and a quick left onto sideroad B/C. This takes you to Concession 8. Turn right and make another quick left onto Bruce Rd 33. Having fun yet? Follow this road to Port Elgin, all the way to Bruce Road 25. You will pass MacGregor Point Provincial Park. Once you get to Bruce Road 25, just head up to Highway 21 and explore the town of Port Elgin. They have a great beach and a miniature Steam Train for those young at heart.

Take the North Shore Road from Port Elgin to Southampton. You can see Chantry Island along the way.follow the light. Check out the Big Flag on High Street and book your boat cruise to get out on the island (Weather and Birds) permitting. There are a couple of Range Lights down by the main harbour.again follow the light(s). If you want the full story all in one spot park your bikes at the all new Bruce County Museum and take the tour. You won't be disappointed.

From Southampton you will continue north toward Sauble Beach on Bruce Road 13. This road cuts through the Saugeen First Nation's land and is nice and twisty. Sorry, no Lighthouses in Sauble but you can ride your bikes on the south end of the beach if you wish. Make sure to get a picture underneath the Welcome sign right downtown.

Continue north on Bruce Road 13 all the way to Wiarton. You will arrive on top of the hill at Highway 6. Here you have choices; ride Highway 6 north all the way to Tobermory or take Bruce Road 9 to Lions Head, just one mile from this junction. Unless you are taking the Chi-Cheemaun to Manitoulin Island, you will have to come back down this same route. Bruce Road 9 is far more scenic and puts you half way up the 100km Peninsula.

Taking the Bruce Road 9 route, turn right onto Bruce Road 18 and head toward Cape Croker. Turn left onto Purple Valley Road and make a quick right onto Coveney's Road and follow this until you get to the variety store on the Cape. Stop in and ask for directions to the light. Note there is about 3 km of gravel to get to this site. From Coveney's Road, head back to Purple Valley Road, turn right and then make a left on Waugh's Road and you are back on Bruce Road 9. Hang a right and enjoy the ride to Lions Head.

Arriving in Lions Head, head down to the marina on your right and take some shots of the Lions Head Lighthouse. See if you can spot the 'Lions' Head' in the rocks immediately east of the lighthouse.

Head back up to the main street and make a right. Turn Left onto Everatt Sideroad and you're back on Highway 6. Cruise north to Dyers Bay Road and make a right to go to visit the Dyers Bay Lighthouse. Please note there is about 16 km of gravel roundtrip to get to the lighthouse. Turn right at the "T" and head down into Dyers Bay. Follow the Cabot Head road all the way to the end and to the Lighthouse. Make sure you stop in and see Robin at the Rocky Raccoon Restaurant and get a T-shirt. Retrace your steps back all the way to Highway 6 and continue north to Tobermory.

You will pass the Bruce Peninsula National Park on your way up. Make sure you stop in and do the 2-hour day-hike out to the "Grotto", one of the area's biggest natural phenomena. Don't worry they are used to seeing hikers in leather!

Arriving in Tobermory, turn left when you hit the water on Highway 6 and follow this road around 'Big Tub' to the Big Tub Lighthouse. Head back into the main harbour, park the bikes and sit on a patio. Grab a coffee and watch the action. Here you will also board a tour boat out to Flowerpot Island and around Cove Island to see the last two remaining Lighthouses.

You have options once again, continue your ride north by boarding the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry to Manitoulin Island or head back south and find those roads that put a smile on your face and ride them again. Once off the Peninsula in Wiarton, take Grey Road 1 around to Owen Sound if you're heading back to the Toronto area. It's a nice ride too!

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Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tour

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