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MS Chi-Cheemaun
(The Big Canoe)

MS Chi-Cheemaun

This ferry travels between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island. It is quite an experience to drive your bike into the mouth of this massive vessel for the 1 hour and 45 minute trip across Georgian Bay.

Riders make up the front of the line for each crossing. First on and first off, how sweet is that? Not to worry as ‘tie downs’ are supplied by the ship’s crew, but if you are at all the queasy type, it doesn’t hurt to bring a few extras.

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Things to Know

  • Ship staff provides tie downs
  • Reservations are required

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Georgian Bay Circle Tour

Grey-Bruce is part of the larger ‘unofficial’ Georgian Bay Circle Tour. This route is very popular for riders who have 2-3 days to explore around Georgian Bay. The Chi-Cheemaun is connection across the bay. Manitoulin Island is also a great place to ride on its own.

Simply take Provincial Highway 26 across the bottom of the Bay to Provincial Highway 6 north to Tobermory. Use the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry to continue on 6 up to the Trans Canada 1. Go east to Sudbury and then follow Provincial Highway 69 back down the eastern shore.

Lake Huron Circle Tour

The Lake Huron Circle Route became an officially designated route in 1980 by the Great Lakes Commission. Again, using the Chi-Cheemaun and heading west on the Trans Canada it makes for a perfect 3-4 day ride back along the Lake Huron Shore in Michigan.


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